Services provided by Bytes Computers

Services Provided by Bytes Computers include the following –

IT Consulting and project management.

Over the years we have consulted with numerous small to medium sized business’s to help them make better use of IT within their organisation. From spending wisely to get the best value for money for their budget to securing and backing up vital data.

We have built many complex networks with fast connectivity and security at the core. Please see the clients page for some information on a selection of projects that were designed and built and have ongoing maintenance provided by Bytes Computers.
Business telephone systems, wireless networks, server installations, site to site links, student tenancy, landlord services and building connectivity. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a project for your organisation.
Below is a list of services offered to home and business –


Software Problems?

Is your computer running slowly? Freezing with a blue screen? Adverts popping up all over the place? Or has software that’s trying to con you out of your money? If so, you may have some kind of virus or malware hiding on your computer.

At Bytes we tidy up computers on a daily basis and most of them have some kind of infection. Fortunately this is usually not too serious and can easily be resolved. Don’t leave it too long though as some of these nasty files can open a back door and let much worse things through to your computer.

A simple health check and speed up shouldn’t take too long on most computers and can make a big difference to the usability of your PC.

Not backed up your photos? Can’t access them on the computer or camera?
Don’t worry, we can supply various types of data recovery ranging from failed hard drives to camera memory card problems.

We can also advise on and supply operating systems, office software or anti-virus packages.

Hardware Problems?

Computer won’t turn on? There could be many reasons for this, most are quickly diagnosed and fixed on-site. Common failures are power supplies which we keep with us at all times, for both desktop and laptop computers.

Broken laptop screen? Nowadays the price of LCD/LED panels has fallen so much that it is very economical to replace a screen on a laptop. We have heard all the reasons for how the damage happened! From dropping a guitar on the lid to ‘the dog did it’!

Along with Windows laptops we also offer Apple Macbook repair services, battery replacement and upgrades.

No matter what seems to be wrong with your computer or printer/console/tablet/phone/set-top-box etc. you can rely on Bytes Computers to diagnose and fix the fault with minimum downtime.

Network Issues? Wireless Setup? Server Installs?

Bytes deal with many networks ranging from – Setting up a wireless router in the home. Ensuring all your computers and phones/tablets/consoles can connect. To – larger business networks with central servers to make sharing and backing up of important data simple and secure.

We have set up many managed wireless systems for businesses including hotels where separate and secure access is required for staff and guests all on the same physical network.

Whatever the problem with your network, large or small, we can help you.

Hardware Sales – from small parts to full computer systems.

As we keep stock of a range of hardware and spares, most of the time we will have the part you need with us when we arrive.

Bytes Computers keep wireless routers/access points/adapters, power supplies, memory upgrades, a wide range of cables and even keyboards/mice and memory sticks.

Often also carrying reels of network cable and wall sockets, there is a good chance we can deal with any issues or upgrades upon arrival.

Bytes can supply new or reconditioned computers and often have them in stock ready for use at short notice. We sell many reconditioned desktop computers all with genuine Microsoft software, these are a fantastic way of economically upgrading an aging computer, our prices even include setup and data transfer from your old machine onto the new one.

Telephones – Analogue & VoIP

We can deal with telephone line problems of various types, often speeding up your ADSL connection or adding extensions. We have experience in dealing with the various telecoms companys so can arrange external BT repairs on your behalf.

In addition we work with the latest in VoIP Internet Telephone technology, we can fit a single phone for home or many phones in a large office or even a multi-site office switchboard system, all giving HUGE savings over traditional analogue or ISDN business telephone systems, so many great features and so much money to be saved. Call us today!

Broadband & Hosting

Bytes Computers partner with Aquiss – one of the finest ISP’s in the UK. We have a strong relationship with them and highly recommend their services, we can arrange phone lines, Internet connections or web/email hosting all at a very competitive rates and backed by their superb customer service.

Training / Tuition and Consulting Services

We can provide basic tuition for novice users, there’s no need to be scared of your PC. We can help you get used to the basics and grow your confidence with the world of computers and the Internet. We go at your pace and offer a friendly and approachable way to learn.

Bytes can also provide a consultancy / project management service for larger jobs such as moving a business to a new office or setting up a second office and linking the two together, sometimes it’s just good to have an unbiased opinion on how to move forward with your existing technology. You don’t always have to replace things!

These are just some of the services provided by Bytes Computers – Please call or email us to discuss your requirements……